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In the beginning of 2005, Henrik Wallensten made his comeback as a football goalkeeper after a break of 11 years. The first thing on the to-do list was to get a pair of gloves. When he noticed that the prices for the best gloves were closing up to 200€ per pair, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Literally. After some trial and error, Henrik discovered a working concept and Henwal was born. After the first models, Henwal’s emphasis has laid on product development and for 2019 Henwal strengthened its ranks with Mikael Axelsson, Anton Cajtoft, Pontus Wik and Carljohan Eriksson. With these keepers in our ranks, we are sure we can deliver top level gloves for everyone, no matter the level.
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  • Quality

    We want to produce gloves of the highest quality. With help from elite goalkeepers, we aim to develop our products towards a new future for goalkeeper gloves.

  • Value-based pricing

    We set our prices according to what we feel is right, not according to market prices. We could ask for a lot more, but we won’t. Because gloves shouldn’t be that expensive.

  • Nordic design

    Our design is inspired by ancient vikings. As a nordic company, we want to emphasise our background and heritage in our Scandinavian values and brand.


Our vision is to create the gloves of the future. We want to work with all aspects that are important, both for the keeper and the company.

Sustainability. A glove is supposed to be durable and sustainable. We also want to lead our company in a sustainable direction.

Quality. We want our gloves to be top quality gloves. We also want to act as a exemplary member of the society.

Responsibility. We goalkeepers carry a lot of responsibility on our shoulders during games. As a company, we do that every day and we do our best not to underestimate that responsibility.

Development. As all other techniques, even the techniques for goalkeeping gloves are evolving. We want to make sure that we are the ones developing the gloves of the future.

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Henwal AB
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We always aim for the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction. You and your personal information are very important to us. We have high standards for our safety measures and we work according to the European Unions new data protection regulation, GDPR. This means, that we always treat the information our customers have trusted us with, with the utmost care and responsibility. You can read more about our terms and conditions and out privacy policy here.