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Mjölnir – the divine tool and hammer

Known both as Thor's fearsome hammer and the origin of thunder, Mjölnir has inspired Henwal for their latest model. 

Henwal Mjölnir has a flexible and comfortable neoprene body, which provides good mobility and stability. The black latex on the knuckles provides extra elasticity and protection when punching crosses and shots.

The grip is German Contact which offers world-class performance. To protect the grip, the glove comes with a plastic film that is removed before use.

The Mjölnir glove has a classic Hybrid Cut, with Negative Cut around the ring and middle fingers and Roll Cut around the index and little fingers.

The glove comes with an extra wrist strap for those who want to tighten the glove a little extra. The strap is not needed to be able to use the glove, but it's pretty fancy too!