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Ran - The sea goddess and the mother of waves.





Henwal Ran has a body made of neoprene that is incredibly comfortable and gives a tight fit on the hand. Because neoprene is very elastic, the glove fits snugly on the hand and provides unlimited mobility.


The upper of the glove is designed in a 3D-printed silicone structure for increased stability, control when boxing and increased durability against wear.



The grip in the glove is Contact Grip which is the best on the market. To protect the grip, the glove comes with a plastic film that is removed before use. It is a very durable grip that works on all surfaces.



The grip is sewn in a Biohybrid Cut for maximum feeling and comfort. It gives the goalkeeper a sense of control and agility. On the inside of the glove is a gel that really makes the glove fit well and does not slip around regardless of the weather, to give the goalkeeper a feeling of total control.